when i walk outside, the world is so quiet.
not just the audible noise, but the energetic noise as well.

it's like i can feel the acceptance of peace
and grounding settling.

clarity in the skies,
clarity in the eyes.

let's all just… breathe… finally.

clarity in the heart.
clarity in the mind.

let's all just remember… feel.

feel our interconnectedness.
feel our genuine concern for each other
feel our respect toward ourselves.
one another, and our mother…

EARTH. co-existing, with us.

dropping into her peace.
feeling connected with us is so much easier
without all the



"we all have parts that scare us.
parts that we are afraid to look at.
parts that we run from because
we are just too scared to look at them.
but we can’t not look.
and we can't not say it.
and if we can’t say it with words then
we are artists right?
we find another way.
and there is always another way."


what is beauty?
how do we recognize it?
is it in the extraordinary?
the mundane?
or in Das Unheimlich?
the uncanny.

consider Sigmund Freud’s definition.
that the uncanny is in that class of terrifying which leads back to something long known to us, once very familiar.

little fires everywhere
season 1, episode 6



o silêncio.
o som dos animais.
o rio de tantas cores,
vermelho, marrom, azul.
a distância.
o cheiro de barro.
o barro nos pés.
tudo nos pés.

a brisa leve da tarde.
areia branquinha.
nuvens que correm lentas
num céu que não tem fim.
a piscina de verde,
de mato, em frente á mim.

a abundância.
frutas que não sei o nome.
rio que parece mar.
macacos, aranhas.
galinheiro, horta, floresta.
gente daqui e dali.
e eu.

eu, nessa imensidão.
imensidão que não precisa de mim,
mas sabe que eu existo.
imensidão que sou eu.
no meu país,
na minha mata,
com meu povo.
os pulmões da Terra.

pulmões da Terra.



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