I just wanted to share with the world all the love and proud I feel towards my siblings. I love the way we were raised united, knowing how to like and respect each other even with all the crazy fights, and that even though we live far away, we still take care of one another… which unfortunately doesn’t happen to a lot of families, especially here in the U.S.

My sister is always the first person I go to when I want to share feelings, or cry. She gets me, she comforts me with her words, give me her opinions or just tells me to fuck off eventually. We can talk about literally anything, with no judgement at all. My brother has a heart so so big, no words would ever do justice. Besides being an incredible artist, so talented and self-taught.. he’s also very handsome, the full package.. this asshole is the only one of us three who was born with green eyes. He is one of the few people who will make me laugh so hard I’ll almost pee in my pants with any kind of silly shit he says or does.

Jardim Sao Pedro, Itapecerica da Serra, SP — probably 2003

I love my siblings for everything they are and aren’t. Close or far. And I’ll never forget this song that was a big part of my life when I was young, it’s called “Sunscreen” by Pedro Bial — if you don’t speak Portuguese it won’t make much sense to you but he goes “Be nice to your siblings. They’re the best bridge to your past and possibly who will actually always give you support in the future”. I recall thinking about this lyrics every time I’d get to a fight with my sister and try to pull out her hair, or when I wouldn’t share things with my brother, for no reason at all. Well, thanks Bial!

Oh, and we have the same nose, same long forehead, and same freckles on our backs, arms and I think our bellies too… Not sure why I remember this, but it’s not coincidence at all. It’s DNA, it’s in our bloods, it’s family, it’s L❤️VE.



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